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2016 Miss America

       Sunday, September 13, 2014

           Boardwalk Hall

 For tickets visit www.missamerica.org

  Broadcast LIVE - 9:00 pm on ABC


      Thunder Over The

     Boardwalk Air Show

   Park and Ride for $20.00

   Bader Field Parking Lot

  Hours 9:00 am till 6:00pm

   Why Fight The Traffic ?

     Let The Jitney Do The 

        Driving For You !

About the Jitney Association


See a Jitney...get on a Jitney!

No more confusing #'s. Take any Jitney to get to your destination

Only $2.25 per person

Specialized routes service the Rail Terminal and Convention Center.  Jitneys servicing these routes are easily identifiable with electronic signage that reads #3 or #4 


Atlantic City
International Airport

         Jitneys are available for all               incoming flights. The airport route          services all casinos, Convention   Center, Rail Terminal and Bus Terminal.
     $10/person from  the Airport to
                 Atlantic  City.
  $15/person from Atlantic City to the                        Airport.  
     For more information please call 
                (609) 576-2776