Jitneys are truly a unique form of transportation. From any location within the Tourist District, one can catch a Jitney anytime of the day or night within a matter of minutes. Jitneys are more than transportation; Jitneys are an experience where the riders play an important role in a successful trip. Follow these photo instructions below on how to use the Jitney:

First pay, or hand the driver your pre-purchased ticket.

If you need to exit the Jitney for your stop, just pull the cord.

Jitneys are quick and efficient with the goal of getting you to and from your location safely and on time. In order to do so there are some important steps that should be followed. To make the most of your Jitney experience, please make an effort to observe the following:

    -Have your money ready in advance. Exact change is preferred.
    -When entering the Jitney, make payment to the driver and proceed directly to your seat. This allows others to get on board quickly and safely.
    -Riders are not allowed to stand on Jitneys
    -A pull cord is conveniently located next to each seat. Please pull the cord one block before your stop to notify the driver that you have reached your destination
    -Please remain seated until the Jitney comes to a complete stop
    -There is no eating or drinking allowed on the Jitneys
Observing the steps outlined above will identify you as an experienced Jitney rider. Thank you for riding the Jitneys!

The Atlantic City Jitney Association and New Jersey Transit have joined together to provide a free shuttle service between the Atlantic City Rail Terminal and all the casino locations in Atlantic City.

When you arrive at the rail terminal, use the Kirkman Boulevard exit. In front of the convention center on Kirkman Boulevard there are four Jitney stops with signage identifying each of the casinos. Jitneys depart the train station shortly after each train arrives. Please make sure that you promptly proceed to the Jitneys after debarkation.

Jitneys also provide free service for your return trip to the Atlantic City Rail Terminal. Jitneys pick up passengers at designated stops at each casino exactly 30 minutes before the departure time for each train. The designated stops are marked "Train Shuttle" and are located at or across the street from where you were dropped off when you arrived.

Estimated travel time between locations is approximately 8 to 15 minutes, depending on your final destinations.